Lab week’s Biotech Quiz

Last week we were celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (“Lab Week”) to honor all people who are involved in health care and patient advocacy from the lab site. Lab week is a great time to generate excitement about the laboratory medicine profession while having some fun with the lab team. To have some fun with lab people all over the world we did a daily Biotech Quiz on LinkedIn. You can find questions and answers of the quiz below, correct answers are labeled in red and linked to some more specific information:

Which cell line can be used for recombinant protein expression to obtain fully human glycosylation of a biopharmaceutical

  1. CHO
  2. Glycoexpress
  3. SP2/0

When talking about the glycosylation of a biotherapeutic protein: What is the effect of terminal GalNAc?

  1. higher efficacy
  2. shorter half live
  3. both answers are correct

Where is FyoniBio headquartered?

  1. München
  2. Dresden
  3. Berlin

Which laboratory analysis are usually performed during the clinical development of biotherapeutic drugs?

Which process parameter is measured online as a standard in a mammalian cell-based bioprocess?

  1. Dissolved oxygen
  2. Turbidity
  3. Conductivity

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