FyoniBio gets CIR

FyoniBio Empowers French Clients with Research Tax Credit Eligibility

Berlin, Germany, February 01, 2024:

FyoniBio is a Contract Development Organization (CDO) that covers the development chain from cell line development, process development, and in-depth analytical characterization, including bioassays and clinical sample monitoring under GCLP.

We are pleased to announce that FyoniBio has received CIR (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche or CIR) accreditation for three years until 2025, which will benefit our French clientele.

The Research Tax Credit is a government incentive aimed at promoting research and development activities in the biopharmaceutical industry. French companies that partner with FyoniBio can now benefit from financial incentives that support their contributions to scientific research and innovation. Specifically, FyoniBio’s French customers can include FyoniBio’s invoices in their Research Tax Credit, potentially receiving up to a 30% tax refund.

Dr. Lars Stöckl, Managing Director of FyoniBio, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovative collaborations within the French biopharmaceutical sector by offering French clients the opportunity to leverage the Research Tax Credit. This strategic move reflects FyoniBio’s dedication to being a catalyst for positive change in the industry.

FyoniBio GmbH Facts

FyoniBio’s ISO-9001 certified service portfolio encompasses the entire development chain from cell line development, process development and in-depth analytical characterization, including bioassays and clinical sample monitoring under GCLP. FyoniBio’s expertise builds on the long-standing experience of their scientists who have developed various cell lines and processes which entered late-stage clinical trials. FyoniBio’s customized approaches enable rapid, high-titer cell line development in various mammalian host cell lines specialized in meeting individual product requirements. Besides the powerful CHOnamite® platform, FyoniBio provides the human GEX® platform, which is particularly suited for recombinant proteins with complex glycan structures. Furthermore, FyoniBio is highly skilled in mass spectrometry based in-depth analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals and offers the whole package of clinical sample analysis from assay establishment, validation and measurement of clinical samples under GCLP.

All services are established according to the internal quality management system to assure compliance with international ISO standard and meeting international GMP standards.

FyoniBio Contact:

Dr. Ulrike Scheffler; Senior Director Business Development
E-mail: contact@fyonibio.com
Phone: +49 (0) 17619489825

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