MS based Protein- and Glycan Analytics

Get a Precise Biochemical Characterization of your Protein

Most of the CQA (critical quality attributes) of biotherapeutics can be addressed by mass spectrometry approaches. We at FyoniBio are skilled in state of the art and advanced high-resolution analytical UPLC-MS methods for various biomolecules.

We support the development, production and application of your product with accurate and reliable and reproducible HiRes-QTOF-MS based analyses.

The intact mass analysis may serve as initial statement about the integrity of your molecule but the image of your molecular can be refined. While focusing for in-depth analyses e.g. glycan moieties through our specialized N-glycoprofiling, GlycoFiler™, or analyzing the amino acid sequence and its modifications employing peptide mapping for MAA (multi attribute monitoring), our portfolio of UPLC-MS methods facilitates visualizing data in either short report styles with no delay or as detailed scientific reports.

Integrity of Proteins and PTMs


  • Molecular mass of intact proteins up to 200 kDa
  • Protein truncation and fragment analysis
Overview of posttranslational modifications assessed by UPLC-MS


  • High resolution MS of antibody heavy and light chain
  • Fab/Fc analysis including glycoforms
  • Oxidized variants
  • DAR (Drug-Antibody-Ratio)
Charge deconvoluted mass spectrum of glycoisoforms of an IgG1 (Fab) after
UPLC-MS of IdeS digests


  • Peptide mapping including amino acid sequence verification
  • Multiple attribute monitoring (MAM)
  • Disulfide bridges (integrity, scrambling, cysteine modifications)
  • N-/C-terminal clipping and truncations
  • Oxidation
  • Deamidation
  • Hydroxylation, glycation, sulfation etc.
  • N-/O-glycopeptide profiling including site-occupancies
Peptide mapping of two tryptic digest in butterfly view


  • In-depth profiling of released and fluorescence-tagged N-glycans
  • GlycoFiler™ Software for automated N-glycan profiling via HILIC-UPLC-FLR-MS(/MS)
  • fluorescence and MS hybridization for highly precise quantification of fucosylation, sialylation, high-mannose etc.
  • Site-specific N-glycoprofiling
  • Linkage analysis of N-glycans
Profile of released and fluorescence-tagged N-glycans for quantification


  • O-glycopeptide analysis RP/HILIC-UPLC-MS/MS)
  • Site-specific analysis of O-glycosylation
  • Profiling of released O-glycans (HILIC-UPLC-FLR-MS)


MS based analysis flyer