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Critical quality attribute (CQA) as physical, chemical or biological characteristics ensure desired product quality, safety and efficacy of biopharmaceuticals. N-glycans are typical CQAs which can influence biological activity as well as serum half-life in the human body. The core fucosylation of monoclonal antibody (mAb) Fc N-glycans can be considered as an outstanding CQA as it directly affects the affinity of the mAb to the FcγRIIIa receptor on NK cells and thereby is directly influencing biological activity through immune effector functions. A reduction of core fucose increases the binding to the FcγRIIIa receptor and thereby enhances the antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) which is a primary mechanism of action (MoA) in immunotherapy.

CHOFlow® is our own glycoengineered cell line for afucosylated mAbs and other biopharmaceuticals.

CHOFlow enables the production of afucosylated antibodies with increased potency.

Fucose Matters: CHO Stable Cell Line Development for Enhanced ADCC

With FyoniBio´s innovative CHO expression system CHOFlow® mAbs carrying afucosylated N-glycans on mAbs and other biopharmaceuticals can be realized while maintaining high productivities and product qualities.

CHOFlow® unifies excellent productivity rates (> 5 g/L) and exceptionally stable and robust production processes of our CHOnamite® host cell line with a proven genetic FUT8 knock-out (KO) glyco-optimization strategy. This allows FyoniBio to develop cell lines that produce our customer’s mAb candidates with enhanced ADCC effector function to significantly improve the therapeutic efficacy of the mAbs.

The core fucosylation of mAbs can be considered as a prominent critical quality attribute (CQA) as it directly affects the affinity of the mAb to the FcγRIIIa receptor on natural killer cells and thus is influencing the biological activity through immune effector functions. A reduction of mAb’s core fucose directly increases binding affinity to the FcγRIIIa receptor and thereby enhancing the ADCC activity leading to increased killing of target cells.

CHOFlow®: Our Solution for Stable and Reliable Production of afucosylated Glycoproteins

CHOFlow®, our unique glycoengineered cell line enables production of afucosylated biopharmaceuticals in robust and reliable production processes.

Explore the Manifold Advantages of CHOFlow®:

  • Excellent productivity of > 5 g/L in our standard fed-batch process
  • Proven robust stability over more than 70 population doublings to meet GMP requirements
  • mAb N-glycans lacking core fucose while the other N-glycan structures are not affected
CHOFlow case study proves long-term clone stability, robust production process and desired glycosylation profile.

CHOFlow® Improves FcyRIIIa Binding and mAb Potency

  • Significantly improved ADCC due to enhanced binding affinity to FcγRIIIa by factor 10
  • Increased potency and therapeutic efficacy
  • Especially suited for low receptor density target cells and the low affinity variant of the FcγRIIIa (F variant)
  • Allows the reduction of treatment dosage requirements at maintaining the therapeutic effect
Afucosylated mAbs show enhanced effector cell binding and increased potency in target cell killing.

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